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Sr Accountant tm Overview - Menus

Extracted from the old Printed Manual:


Sr ACCOUNTANT is divided into the following main Menus:
UTILITIES & SETUP: Provides you with the ability to define variousoptions tothe system, such as length ofG/L accountnumbers, sub-account divisions, headings on statements etc.,  set the colors on the screen, 
set up new data diskettes.

G/L MASTER ACCOUNTS: Allows you to add, change, or delete master account data and names and addresses for the Receivables or Payables accounts.

TRANSACTION ENTRY: Allows you to add, change or delete daily and monthly transactions. No closing is needed to continue adding transactions forthe followingperiod. The system will validate transaction entriesfor date and general ledger account no., also showing on the screen the balance status of the tranasctions. The system allows you to edit the transactions using the powerful dBASE 'BROWSE' command. In addition,the system may provide a remote transaction capability for entry of transactions on other microcomputers.

MONTH/YEAR END: Allows you to close the current transactions on a monthly basisandat the year end to close the revenue & expenseaccounts. The systemwill only allow you to do the posting if the general ledger isin balance and willbackup the old master andcurrenttransactions for historic purposes.The financial statements are run before theclosing takes place, thus making it easy to make adjustments. Prints General Ledger Report, Trial Balance, and Financial Statements.

BUDGET: Allows you to produce the G/L Budget Detail Entries, which can be made for any level in the G/L accounts. The system gives you the ability to import the Budget from spreadsheets or generate the budget from last years information. The system also includes Budget Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Statement of Revenue & Expenses (as per Standard Financial Statements).

SPREADSHEET EXPORT: Allows you to general ledger information on various levels to a popular spreadsheet (eg. Lotus 123, Symphony, Multiplan, Framework, Supercalc 2 or 3, VP-Planner).

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE/PAYABLE MENU: Allows you to print Accounts Receivable Statements & Aged Trial Balance, and to produce Accounts Payable Cheques & print Aged an Payable Listing.

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