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PayTime tm              SUPPORT AGREEMENT


ZARCOM Help tm agrees to provide the undersigned Software User with software support for the software package known as "PAYTIME". The contract shall be for ONE YEAR from the day that ZARCOM Help tm receives payment for the contract. 

The fee for the contract is: One Hundred and Eighty-Five Canadian dollars ($185.00). 

ZARCOM Help tm is authorized to provide the software support for "PAYTIME" under agreement with A B D Systems Co., the software developer. 

ZARCOM Help tm will provide the following services: 
    Aid and assist the software user in the installation of"PAYTIME". 
    Provide the software user with any corrections to the programs and manual that may arise in the year. 
    Provide assistance to the user in the operation and understanding of "PAYTIME". 
This agreement does NOT include the providing of the ANNUAL or SEMI-ANNUAL update to "PAYTIME", which results in governmental changes in the tax rates and other changes. 

ZARCOM Help tm will not pay for long distance telephone calls under this contract. 

This agreement covers the "PAYTIME" application with the Serial No.______________. 
ZARCOM Help tm   Company :____________________________ 
Box 56119  Address:______________________________ 
Valley Centre R.P.O.  _____________________________________ 
Langley, B.C., Canada  _____________________________________ 
* Telephone No.:_________________________ 
* eMail:________________________________ 
Signed:_______________________________  Signed:_______________________________ 
Date:________________________________  Date:_________________________________ 

* Represetative's Name, Telephone No and eMail adddress will be emailed.

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