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 Paytime - Canadian payroll system

                                    Canadian payroll system for micro computers

Online Manual
*** Notice: We are changing our programing base to Internet Software as of our 2010 editions ***

Paytime comes in three distinct flavors:
  1. Paytime lite payroll Edition for smaller business with simpler payrolls.
  2. Paytime - standard payrollEdition for medium to large size business.
  3. Paytime - deluxe payrollEdition for business' who need a more complex payroll including job costing and bank transfers.
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Paytime prices are:
Edition (Version: 5.0)
Initial Cost
Annual  Updates

The current versions are good from January 1,  2009 to December 31, 2009, our evaluation copy cover the same period. We will post our next versions on our web site on March 15, 2009. If you download our evaluation copy we will only charge you for the Annual Update.

PAYTIMEPaytime - deluxe payroll, PAYTIMEPaytime - standard payroll, PAYTIMEPaytime lite payroll Version 6.0 requires the following hardware and software environment: 
  • Version 6.0 runs on Pentium based computers with 16MB of RAM using Windows 98 SE or higher operating system.
  • Mass storage device(s) (floppy disk or hard drives) for data storage.
  • Needs 10Mb of space on a hard disk drive for programs.
  • Text printer (laser, ink jet or dot matrix).
  • 56kbs modem if Bank transfer is to be used.
FREE  January, 2009 download:
   PAYTIME Deluxe Edition (Version 6.0 - 2.4mb)
    PAYTIME Standard (Version 6.0 - 2.4mb)
   PAYTIME Lite (Version 6.0 - 2.3mb)

System requirments:
your computer needs 16mb of RAM, running Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

You can click here for a full working evaluation copy of Deluxe edition, click here for a full working evaluation copy of Standard edition, or click here for a full working evaluation copy of Lite edition

For those of you who are unable to download an evaluation version of PAYTIME; please email us for your FREE copies of different editions and versions of PAYTIME (please state edition, and any other information to ZARCOM tm at

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