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DODD's on the NET

Check out our [New]items as of May, 2004. We have organized the listing by the following countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Channel Islands, Costa Rica, England, France, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Republic of Panama, Scotland, Switzerland, U.S.A and Wales; also the Atlantic Ocean and a Genealogy listing of Dodd's from the past.
[Updated May 28, 2004]


Dodd's on the Titanic - Edward C Dodd Junior third engineer,  Henry Watson Dodds. Junior fourth assistant engineer, George Charles Dodd Chief second steward. None of them survived. [Jul 1998]


Andrew Dodd - collector of a "1965 Type 3 Ghia" in Australia. [Jul 1998]

Charles Dod - was the first postmaster of Queenscliff, who arrived in Geelong in 1851 on the "Statesman". He has a street named after him. His son wrote the book "Early Memories of Queenscliff". [Sep 2001]

Gail Dodd - genealogist from Perth, Western Australia. [Jul 1998]

Graham Dodd - lecturer at University of South Australia. [Sep 2000]

Grant Dodd - professional golfer from Australia. [Jul 1998]

Ian Dodd - a Descendant of John Dodd who settle in Adelaide from Cornwall in 1806. [Sep 2001]

Dr Ian Dodd - Researcher at The Department of Botany at The University of Queensland. [Jan 1999]

Melanie Dodd - member of the Australian Swimming team. [more][Sep 2000]

Peter R. Dodd - Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Royal Brisbane Hospital, Australia. [Jul 1998]

Tim Dodd - member of the Australian Swimming team. [Sep 2000]

Wendy Dodd - Visual Artist from the Canberra School of Art, Australia. [Jul 1998]

Dodd & Young - Human Resource Consultants, Mt Lawley, Western Australia. [Jul 1998]


Brian Dodd - Member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna. [more ] [Sep 2001]


Bill Wolley-Dod - Past President of the Calgary Numismatic Society. [Sep 2001]

Brian Dodd - Canadian film producer. [Sep 2000]

Cathal J. Dodd - Canadian musician from Port Dover, PEI. [Oct 1998]

Edith Dodd - she married a McClelland, she is from Halifax. [Nov 1999]

Eileen Dodd - realtor from Courtice, Ontario, Canada. [Jul 1998]

Dr. Erica Dodd -  Adjunct Professor of the History in Art department, University of Victoria. [Oct 1998]

The Dodd Family of Sydney - 1787-1876, Colony of Cape Breton. [Oct 1998]

Dodd House - house built for Capt. Charles Dodd, of the S.S. Beaver in Victoria, BC. [Jul 1998]

J. M. Dodd - writer of the book "Resin As A Socketing Medium" in 1981. [Jan 1999]

J. Douglas Dodd - Composer. Also a music director for the National Film Board. [Oct 1998]

James Dodd - Architectural Graphics & Illustrator from Victoria, BC. [Jul 1998]

Janice G. Dodd - Associate Professor, University of Manitoba, Canada. [Jul 1998]

John B. Dodd - surveyor from Simcoe, Ontario. [Oct 1998]

Dodd Lake - lake near Powell River, BC, Canada. [Jul 1998]

Dodd Manor - a cyber manor created by a Canadian Dodd. [Jul 1998]

Matthew Dodd - Research Professor, Royal Roads University, Victoria. [Oct 1998]

Dodd Narrows - a narrows between Vancouver Island and Mudge Island, BC. [Jul 1998]

Percy William Dodd - (1912-1999) a part time soccer player from England who brought his family to Canada when he was 44 years old. [more (wait for the page to load, then use 'Find in Page' for Percy)] [Nov 1999]

Tom Dodd - CEO of Campbell Technologies Inc., Vancouver, BC. [Oct 1998]

 DODD Web Page - the Home page of Dodd's on the Net. [Sep 2001]


Martin L. Dodd & Sons Ltd - Architectural Design Consultants. [more ] [Sep 2001]


Ambassador Thomas J. Dodd - U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica. [Oct 1998]


Dodd - on the "List of the Pedigrees in the Visitation of Cheshire, 1580". [Sep 2000]

Alan Dodd - a mural painter who designed the 50ft Millennium Cross that now stands at Ampleforth Abbey. Amoung the donors for the cross was Queen Elizabeth II. [Sep 2001].

Alan Neave Dodd - (1895-1977) He led a very interesting life, after graduating from Sir John Dean School in Northwich , he enlisted in the British Army at the outbreak of the Great War (WWI). As an enlisted man he participated in the retreat from Antwerp and the first battle of Ypes in 1914. He later rose to the rank of first lieutenant and participated the third battle of Ypes (Passchendaele) and the battle of Cambrai (Bourbon Wood) on March 30, 1917.

After the war he went to work as a purser for the Pacific Steam Navigation Co. on the line's Central and South American services. In 1926 he left to manage a coffee plantation in Nicaragua.  He was caught in the 1926 Nicaraguan insurrection led by General Sandino, and was nearly killed when the plantation was overrun by revolutionaries. In 1927 he rejoined the Pacific Steam Navigation Co., and rose to be the company's Central American divisional manager, head-quartered at Cristobal in the Canal Zone (now the Republic of Panama).

While at Cristobal he was appointed consul and later consul general for Norway. He was decorated in 1950 for his services by King Haakon of Norway with the award of the Knight's Cross of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olaf.

Mr. Dodd retired in 1951 and moved to Palo Alto, California, USA. Here he was active in the Peninsula Bible Church. At one point in his life he got married and had daughter and two grandchildren. His ancestors came from Burwardsley, Cheshire, England, James Dodd (b: 1823) was his Great Grandfather. [May 2004].

Alastair Dodd - a technician supporting the mediacentre of the Brighton Media Centre. [Sep 2001]

Bert Dodd, BEM - Councilor of Charnwood Borough Council, [Sep 2000]

Bill Dodd - chairman of "Collectible World Studios" in Stoke-on-Trent. Produce a number of collectibles like Pocket Dragons. [Sep 2001]

Charles Dodd - co-author of "Dodd's Church History of England, 1500-1688". [Nov 1999]

Charles Roger Phipps Dod - (1793-1855) Author of Parliamentary Companion. [Sep 2001]

Dr Christine E R Dodd - author on Food Microbiology from Nottingham. [Jul 1998]

Christopher Dodd - editor of "Regatta" and "Regatta Online", UK. [Oct 1998] [more[Sep 2001]]

Dodd & Co, Chartered Accountants - from Cumbria, specialists in "Foot & Mouth Financial Assistance". But now non of the partners are named Dodd. [Sep 2001]

Dodds listed by the "Commonwealth War Graves Commission" - Edward Dodd, Elizabeth Dodd, Ernest Dodd, F Dodd DSM, Frank Dodd, Fredrick James Dodd, William Thomas Dodd. All from Cheshire, England. [Sep., 2000]

"Dodd's Church History of England" -  [reference material] [Sep., 2000]

Daniel Dodd - Editor Programmes, World Service Television News, BBC, UK. [Oct 1998]

Dickie Dodd - broadcaster at Radio 106FM in the East Midlands, UK. [Jul 1998]

Doctor Dodd - Grand Chaplain of Masonry, London. [Nov 1999]

Edward Dodd - maker of bows who worked in England in the late 1700's. [Oct 1998]

Great Dodd - and other Dodds are mountains (big hills) in the Lake District of England. [Jul 1998]

Henry Dodd - (1801-1881) this year is Bi-Centenary 1801 – 2001 of the birth of Henry Dodd. Dickens knew Dodd and very probably used his character as the basis of his ‘Mr Boffin’, the ‘Golden Dustman’ of ‘Our Mutual Friend’.

Herbert Dodd - from Severn Stoke, who gave his life for his country in the Great War (WW I). [Sep 2000]

Dodd's Group - in the transport business for 85 years in Kent, England. [Jul 1998]

J P Dodd - author of various articles in the Chester Archaeological Society Journal. [Nov 1999]

Jane Dodd - harpsichord player from London. [Nov 1999]

Jason Dodd - football player. [Jul 1998]

John Dod - (1555-1645) was a Theologian and Vicar of Fawsley. Found in the UK National Register of Archives. [Sep 2001]

John Dodd - (1717-1782) MP for Reading. [Sep 2001]

John Dodd, Jeff Dodd & Mathew Dodd - all from Carrington International Network Services. [Nov 1999]

Dr. John C. Dodd - Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Soil Microbiology at University of Kent at Canterbury. [Sep 2001]

Sir John Samuel Dodd - (1904-1973) Knight and Politician. [Sep 2001]

John Whitehall Dodd - of Cloverly Hall, Whitchurch, Shropshire, a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for Shropshire, High Sheriff in 1829 and M.P. for North Shropshire 1848-59. [Jan 1999]

Jonathan Dodd - part owner of an Art Gallery in London, just around the corner from Sotherbys. [Sep 2000]

Keith Dodd - Manager of the Dawley Wanders BFC; Under 16s., Shropshire. [Oct 1998]

Ken Dodd - Britain's King of Comedy who is the proud holder of the O.B.E. [Jan 1999] [more] [and more from Gladys Chucklebutty [Nov 1999]] [videos [Sep 2001]]

Lottie Dod - was the youngest player to win the women's singles tennis title at Wimbledon, in 1887 at 15 years old. [Sep 2001]

Louis Dodd - He is possibly the most historically gifted artist to come into the marine field in the last 100 years. [Oct 1998]

Mary Dodd - was the 'wife' of John Eastland in Bellingham, Northumberland about 1829. [Jan 1999]

Mary Dodd - Mother of Jane Jones who was born on February 23, 1863 in Greasby, Cheshire, England. [Jan 1999]

Mervyn Dodd - edited "Lakeland Rocks and Landscapes". [Jan 1999]

Mike Dodd - (b. 1943) potter from Butleigh in Somerset, UK. [Sep 2001] [more [Jul 1998]]

Dr. Nigel Dodd - is a Lecturer in Sociology at London School of Economics and Political Science. [Sep 2001]

Paul Dodd - member of the Dawley Wanders BFC; Under 16s., Shropshire. [Oct 1998]

Paul Dodd - the 'boss' at Aspects Internet Access Limited in Essex. [Jan 1999]

Philip Dodd - editor of "Englishness: Politics and Culture 1880-1920". [more] [Sep 2001]

Philip Stanhope Dodd - (1775-1852) Rector of Penshurst. [Sep 2001]

Randall Dodd - Perhaps the most unusual lost brass, recorded by Cole in c. 1755, is the shrouded figures of Randall Dodd and his wife (1634) in shrouds, with inscription, on a rectangular plate, on a tomb in the churchyard at Little Budworth. [Nov 1999]

Richard Dodd - Electronics/Computer /Monitor Engineer in Manchester, UK. [Jul 1998]

Sarah Dodd - a freelance journalist, who also ownes a real ale pub in the Cambridgeshire fens. [Sep 2001]

Thomas Dodd - (1873-1957) farmer from Burwardsley, Cheshire. [Oct 1998]

Thomas Dodd - (1771-1850) Auctioneer, Printseller and Biographer . [Sep 2001]

Thomas Crewe Dod - (1754-1827) of Edge Hall Cheshire. At some time the Dods must of married someone call Wolley because the Lord of the manor at Edge is now Wolley-Dod. [more - Lt. Colonel A.H. Wolley-Dod] [book] [Sep 2001]

Dr Tony J Dodd - research in "Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems Research Group". [Sep 2001]

William Dodd - (1790-1847) ancestor of Gail Dodd from Australia. [Sep 2000]

William Dodd - Under Manager of the Diglake Coal Mine in Audley in 1895. [Photo top centre] [Photo of Diglake]

Reverend Dr. William Dodd - (1729-1777) - Eighteenth Century Poet. After being convicted of forgery against the Earl of Chesterfield, he was executed on June 27, 1777 at Newgate Prison. [Jan 1999] [more [Nov 1999]]

William Atherton Dodd - (b 1923) Educationalist. [Sep 2001]

William Thomas Francis Dodd - (1908-1993) cricketer who played for Hampshire. [Sep 2001]

Valerie A. Dodd - Educator and writer. Tutor in Oxford, England. [Nov 1999]

Victor Dodd - wrote "Beemasters of the Past" in 1983. [Sep 2000]


Patrick Dodd - Artist from Nancy, France. Now living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. [Jan 1999]


Christopher Dodd - partner in Boylan & Dodd, Accountants. [Nov 1999]

Mark Dodd - one of those who died from 1969 until the ceasefires 25 years later. [Oct 1998]

Stephen Dodd -  one of those who died from 1969 until the ceasefires 25 years later. [Oct 1998]


Clement Dodd -  "Sir Coxsone" is the has been described as the catalyst of all ska and reggae music. [Jul 1998]


Jan Dodd - an author of Travel Guides who was born in Tanganyika, Africa and now living in Tokyo. [Sep 2001]


Brian Dodd - member of the The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. [Sep 2001]

Lynley Dodd - Author of "Hairy Maclary's Caterwaul Caper" and other great books. [Jan 1999] [Bio [Nov 1999]]

Mark Dodd - originally from New Zealand. [Jul 1998]

Penny Dodd - a very busy and versatile musician. [Sep 2001]

Richard Dodd - is the principal astronomer at Carter Observatory, in the Botanic Gardens of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. [Jul 1998]

Steven Dodd - a programmer and surfer. He has a great wave on his page. [Jan 1999]


Maurice De Courcy Dodd - Clerk In Royal Niger Company in 1898-99. [Sep 2001]


Jim and Glenda Dodd - on sabbatical from Drake University (1999-2000) in Trondheim. [Sep 2001]


Francis Dodd - (1874-1935) was a Trustee of the Tate Gallery. [Sep 2000] [more [Sep 2001]]

Hugh Dodd - the renowned Scottish artist, illustrator, writer and cartoonist. [Jul 1998]

Rev Marion Dodd - member of the Kelso School Board. [Sep 2001]


Dr. Gerald D. Dodd - the 1997 recipient of the "Múcio Athayde Cancer Prize". [Jan 1999]


Captain Adams Dodd (1836 - 1922) - was the captain of Schooners operation on the west coast of North America. [Jul 1998]

Annabell Z. Dodd - author and  faculty member at Northeastern University. She wrote "The Essential Guide to Telecommunications". [Sep 2001]

Dodd & Associates - A Credit Improvement Organization from Dallas. [Nov 1999]

Dodd & Associates - Fire Arms Training  from  Chattanooga, Tennessee. [Sep 2000]

Albert Dodd - Captain of the Company of Rifles from Boston, Massachusetts in 1861. [Oct 1998]

Alice Dodd - a Super model. [Jul 1998]

B.L.Dodd Incorporated - a recruiting company for the construction industry and technology industry. [Sep 2001]

"Bail Bond" Dodd - a character in a Dime Detective series of books in the early '40. [Jan 1999]

Bennie Dodd - Musician from somewhere in BLUEGRASS country. [Sep 2000]

Bobby Dodd - Hall of Fame Quarterback and Coach. [Jul 1998]

Bobby Dodd Industries - an affirmative industry. [more] [Jan 1999]

Bobby Dodd Stadium - is the home of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. [Jul 1998]

Brian Dodd - Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics, Oregon, USA. [Jul 1998]

Brian Dodd - Chief Engineer od the "Darwin Pond" software program. [Sep 2001]

Brian J. Dodd - pastor of Antioch United Methodist Church in Antioch, California. [Sep 2000]

Dodd Bros. Cider Mill - at Dodd's Corner in Hartwood, Virginia. [Jul 1998]

Bruce Dodd - he is a Sculpture in Oregon, USA. [Jul 1998]

Dodd Builders Supply, Inc. - from Forsyth, Georgia. [Sep 2000]

Dodd Camera & Imaging - from Cleveland, USA. [Jan 1999]

Dodd's Canoe Rental, Buffalo River, Montana, USA. [Oct 1998]

Senator Christopher J. Dodd - son of  Senator Thomas Joseph Dodd. Currently a member of the U.S. Senate. [Jul 1998]

Dodd City - a town in Texas, USA. [Jul 1998]

Claire Dodd - film star from the 30s & 40s. [Jul 1998] [photo [Sep 2000]] [more [Sep 2000]]

Dodd Consulting, Inc. - Computer Consultants to the Chicagoland  Area, USA. [Jul 1998]

Christina Dodd - author of Historical Romance novels from Texas. [Jul 1998]

David Dodd - Co-author of  "The Grateful Dead and the Deadheads: An Annotated Bibliography", with Rob Weiner. [Jan 1999]

David L. Dodd - co-author of the 1934 book "Security Analysis", the bible on investing. [Oct 1998] [more [Jan 1999]]

David O Dodd - a Confederate Spy. [Jan 1999]  A letter from him. [Nov 1999]

Dennis Dodd - Sports Writer for CBS. [Jul 1998]

Dodd Dental Laboratories - in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. [Jul 1998]

Deryl Dodd - singer and songwriter and has a band called the "Homesick Cowboys". He was born in Dallas, Texas and attended College in Lubbock and Waco, Texas. [Sep 2000] [more [Sep 2000]] [more [Oct 1998]] [more [Sep 2001]]

Dodd Diesel, Inc. - was started in September 1978 by David N. and Myrna L. Dodd. They are now located in Grand Junction, Colorado and Snowflake, Arizona. [Sep 2001]

Dickie Dodd - was a first year Mouseketeer, joining the cast for the 1955-1956 season. [Jan 1999]

Donald S. Dodd  - Allstate Agent from Nashville, Tennessee. [Jan 1999]

Edward Dodd - (1805-1891) Representative from New York for Congress 1855-1859. [Nov 1999]

Edward Dodd - (1778-1862) was married to Jane Langston and lived in Union County, South Carolina. Jane died in 1824, then Edward married Jane Word in 1826. They moved to Fayette County, Georgia in 1828. All in all he had 16 children between his two wives. He died in Clayton County, Georgia. [Jan 1999]

Edwin & Julia Dodd - Fairmount Church - The central panels of the "Te Deum Window", are a  gift to the Church by Edwin and Julia Dodd in memory of their son Wallace. [Jan 1999]

Elena Dodd - Actress and Co-author, has a B.A. from Wellesley College. [Jul 1998]

Emma E. Dodd - Computer programming from Staten Island. [Jan 1999]

Ephraim Shelby Dodd - another Confederate Spy. [Jul 1998] [more [Nov 1999]]

Dodd Family Genealogy Forum - some interesting bits of history. [Jul 1998]

Dodd Family WWW Home Page - interests in Upstate New York, music performance, music education, soccer, karate. [Jul 1998]

Dr Fred Dodd  - held a series of workshops during the summers of 1996 and 1997 for Graphics Calculators. [Jan 1999]

Gabel Dodd - an Energy consultant from Novato, California. [Jan 1999]

Gerald Dodd - was a deputy sheriff of Kern County, California, during the farm worker strikes and boycotts of the late 1960s and 1970s. [Jul 1998]

Geralda Dodd - President and Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Madison, Inc. of Detroit. [more] [more] [more] [Sep 2001]

Dodd Hall -  University of California, Los Angeles, USA. [Jul 1998]

Dodd-Hinsdale House - is one of the most architecturally pure or historically significant houses in Raleigh, NC. [Jul 1998]

Fred Dodd - steamboat banjo player in the USA. [Jul 1998]

Dodd's Inc. - modular homes and offices in Richmond, Virginia. [Oct 1998]

Dr. James L. Dodd - Assistant Professor at the Drake University School of Accounting. [Jul 1998]

James M Dodd - A tribute to a great teacher. [Nov 1999]

Janet Dodd - Northwest Pregnancy Center Volunteer. [Nov 1999]

Janet S. Dodd - author of "The ACS Style Guide" a Manual for Authors and Editors. [Jan 1999]

Jeffrey J. Dodd - Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Jacksonville State University, USA. [Jul 1998]

Jimmy Dodd - from the Mickey Mouse Club in the 50s. [Jul 1998]

Joan Dodd - Sports Massage Therapist. [Jan 1999]

John Dodd - A memorial to John by his family. [Nov 1999]

John Dodd - 1st Vice-President, District 1, Northwest Dallas School Board. [Jul 1998]

John Dodd - Born in Brown Township, Miami County, in 1859. He was a railroader & a farmer. [Nov 1999]

John Dodd Society Records - re: Children of the American Revolution. [Jul 1998]

John Sample Dodd - (1809-1892) he became the Bethsaida's Baptist Church's pastor in Georgia (1847). [Jan 1999]

Kevin Dodd of Oak Valley Development. [Jan 1999]

The Dodd/Kurylo family - they live in the country near Richmond, Virginia. [Sep 2000]

Lamar Dodd - Artist in the USA. [Jul 1998]; The "Lamar Dodd School of Art" at the University of Georgia is named after him. [Jan 1999] [Bio [Nov 1999]]

Laura Dodd  - manager of Bruce Piephoff, folksinger, songwriter and poet. [Jan 1999]

Leo Dodd - was the Director of Bands at Interlake High School in Bellevue, Washington. [Oct 1998]

Leonard Michael Dodd - a partner in a law firm from Raleigh, North Carolina. [Sep 2000]

Lisa Ruckh-Dodd - a Los Angeles Makeup Artist. [Sep 2001]

Lois Dodd - is a member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters and the National Academy of Design. [Sep 2000]

Lyle Dodd - Middle School Math Teacher from Whittier, California, USA. [Jul 1998]

Majorie Dodd - Tennis star. [Jan 1999]

Mark Dodd -  Most Valuable Goalkeeper for the Dallas Burn, USA. [Jul 1998]

Marshall Dodd - His family page and Speaking Schedule. [Jan 1999]

Mary Ellen O'Mullen Dodd - Artist in the USA. [Jul 1998]

May Dodd - Her Journals are printed in "One Thousand White Women; The Journals of May Dodd". [Nov 1999]

Dodd, Mead and Company - a US publishing company, founded by Moses Woodruff Dodd. [Jul 1998]

Michael Dodd - Artistic Theater Director from Philly. [Nov 1999]

Michael Donald Dodd - convicted Drug dealer. [Sep 2000]

Michael Lee Dodd (1961-1989) - buried at Arvin Cemetery, California, USA. [Jul 1998]

Dodd Middle School -  is located in Cheshire, Connecticut, USA. [Jul 1998]

Mike Dodd - Silver Medalist in Beach Volleyball at 1996 Olympics. [Jul 1998] [movie [Jan 1999]]

Mylan Dodd -  U.S. Women Gymnastics. [Sep 2000]

Neal Dodd - film start from the 20s to the 50s, known as 'Padre of Hollywood'. [Jul 1998]

Patty Dodd - volleyball player in California, USA. [Jul 1998]

Paul Dodd - Firmware and Analog Designer, San Jose, California, USA. [Jul 1998]

Philip Adam Dodd - Philip Adam Dodd Family Home Page. [Nov 1999]

Dodd Photography - run by Susan and Derek Dodd from Pennsylvania. [Sep 2001]

Dodd Planet - 'In the beginning there was a small but friendly planet known as Dodd'. From the book "The Doddlett Adventures". [Jan 1999]

RevSis. Raedorah Stewart-Dodd - Chaplain-on-Call at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, California. [Jan 1999]

Richard A. Dodd, L.C. - Texas lawyer from Cameron, Texas. [Oct 1998]

Robert Dodd - Graphic Artist. [Jan 1999]

Robert Dodd's Waste of Space. [Jan 1999]

Professor Robert T. Dodd - author of books on chondritic meteorites from Long Island, NY. [Jul 1998]

Robin Dodd's Home Page - a friend of the Eagles from Oregon. [Jul 1998]

Roger J. Dodd - of "Dodd & Dennis, P.C." from Valdosta, GA. [Sep 2000]

Roy B. Dodd - Associate Professor at Clemson University, SC, USA. [Jul 1998]

Mrs. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd - the mother of "Father's Day". First observed in June 1910 in Spokane, Washington. [Oct 1998]

Stephen L. Dodd - Associate Professor, Department of Exercise and Sports Sciences, University of Florida, USA. [Jul 1998]

Dodd-Sterling United Methodist Church - in Atlanta, Georgia. [Jul 1998]

Susan "Suz" Dodd - Producer of "Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes" game from St. Charles, Mo. [Oct 1998]

Steve Dodd - candidate for Board Member on the DeSoto County, Mississippi. [Oct 1998]

"Mr. Dodd Takes the Air" - a 1937 movie staring Kenny Baker, Frank McHugh and Jane Wyman. [Jul 1998]

Ted Byron Dodd - serving on the Board of Directors of the North Plains Ground Water Conservation District #2, Texas. [Jul 1998]

Tim H. Dodd, Ph.D. - director of Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute (TWMRI). [Sep 2001]

Timothy M. Dodd, Associate Dean for Academic Advising, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland. [Sep 2001]

Senator Thomas Joseph Dodd  (1907-1971) - was a senior prosecutor in the International Military Tribunal, the first of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center at the University of Connecticut is named after him. [Jul 1998] [more [Nov 1999]] [Thomas J. Dodd Papers [Sep 2000]]

Senator Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium - the home of the Norwich Navigators baseball team. [Jul 1998]

Tom Dodd Nurseries, Inc. - located in Semmes, Alabama. [Jul 1998]

Dodds on the Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.- Billy Francis Dodd, Charles David Dodd, Danny Joe Dodd, Eddie Leroy Dodd, James William Dodd, James Erwin Dodd, Joseph James Dodd, Lawrence Addinson Dodd, Lawrence Rudin Dodd and Richard William Dodd. [Jan 1999]

Professor Victoria J. Dodd - Author of Law, USA. [Jul 1998]

Warren Dodd - editor of "All Brevard Magazine" in Melbourne, Florida. [Sep 2000]

William Dodd - (1804-18??) Born in England, he later emigrate to the U.S.A. Author of books on child labour, Boston, USA. [Oct 1998]

Ambassador William E. Dodd - Ambassador of the United States to Germany 1934-38. His daughter Martha edited a book about the period [more]. The Library of Congress has various papers about them. [Jan 1999] More papers in the FDR Library. [Sep 2001]

William Aulder Dodd - Co. B, Seventh Iowa Cavalry, Ft. Laramie, USA. [Jul 1998]

William Edward Dodd - historian from the south, USA. [Jul 1998]

William H. Dodd - Attorneys at Law in Honolulu, Hawaii. [Oct 1998]

[New] William James Dodd (1862-1930) Architect and Designer. [Sep 2002]

Dr. William S. Dodd - a leading physician of Charleroi, Washington county, Penn. USA. His farther was the famous Rev. Thaddeus Dodd. [Jan 1999]

William W. Dodd - (1806-1874) He was Attala County's first Representative in the Mississippi State Legislature. He is buried in Dodd Cemetery, which is named after him. [Sep 2001]

Dodd Woodworking - a woodworking operation that has been serving the Massachusetts area for over thirteen years. [Sep 2000]


Professor Arthur Herber Dodd - (1891-1975) historical author of "A Short History of Wales" and "Life in Elizabethan England" and "The Industrial Revolution in North Wales". [Nov 1999] Brother of Charles below. [Sep 2001]

Brian Dodd - Director Highways and Transport, and Development Plans, Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions (formally the DETR) and the National Assembly for Wales. [Sep 2001]

Charles Harold Dodd - (1884-1973) Theologian, oldest son of Charles Dodd, a Wrexham school headmaster and brother to Arthur above. He went on to be elected a fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. [more] [Sep 2001]

Hywel Dodd - chairman of the Rhos Male Voice Choir. Along with Hywel, Berwyn Dodd and Geraint Dodd are members of the choir. Kirsten Dodd is the Patrons Secretary. [Sep 2001]

Stephen Dodd - professional golfer on the European Tour. [Sep 2001]

DODD - GENEALOGY (including DOD)

Dodd is the 365th most popular name in England. [Sep 2001]

 More DODD Families - as collected from the FamilySearch web site. [Nov 1999]

 Daniel Dodd - and his descendants from 1615 to 1900s. (England & USA) [more]&[Book] [Sep 2002].

Captain David Dodd -  and his descendants from 1741 to date, including Wiley Dodd and his descendants from 1788 to 1900s. [Jan 1999] (USA).

Jane Dod - her ancestors go back to 1300 in Edge, Cheshire, England. She married Hugh Sanford about 1490. His ancestors came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. They are also related to the English Royalty. She is also in the BeMent tree. [Jan 1999] [more [Nov 1999]]

Jesse Dodd - and his descendants from 1757 to date. (USA). [Jan 1999]

Joel Jackson Dodd - and his descendants from 1814 in Tennessee to date. Contact Bill Dodd (USA). [Jan 1999]

John Dodd - and his descendants from 1797 to date. (England & NY, USA). [Jan 1999]

John Dodd - and his descendants from 1728 to date. (Va.,USA). [Jan 1999]

Richard Dodd - and his descendants from 1633 to date. (USA) [Sep 2001]

This page has been prepared by the grandson of the late Thomas Dodd, Cheshire, England. Please contact me for any corrections or omissions at Copyrighted 1996 - 2004 by Zarcom & Associates - Family Albums Division.