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DODD, Thomas (1873-1957)

He was born on February 1873 at Balterley, Staffordshire, England to George and Mary Dodd.

He lived at "Buddiliegh Farm", Balterley, Staffordshire until he was 21 years old. As a child one of his favorite hobbies was climbing trees and seeking out bird nests.

After he was married on December 27th, 1893 to Emma Evans, at  St. Bertoline Church in Barthomley, they lived in Betley. He went to work in his father's Smithy in Balterley [map] and upon his father's retirement he and his brother George took over the Smithy. At some point he went to work at Crewe Works (Railway Yard), where he passed his Train Driver's ticket (Engineer). He also was know as "Buttermilk & Tatter" Dodd, because he sold buttermilk and potatoes down as far as Silverdale in the potteries country. His children Walter, Eva, Alice, Gerty, Thomas, David, George, Percy (Bill) where born here.

In 1914 the family moved to Ridley, Cheshire, where he started farming at 41 years of age. The family grew with the addition of Margaret and Sydney.

In 1920 the family moved to "Hill Farm", Burwardsley, Cheshire. Gerty, George, Bill (Percy) and Alice drove the cattle by road (4 miles) over the "Rawhead" hill. Sadly his wife Emma passed away on May 16, 1936 at the early age of 62.

As soon as the children grew up, he became the "Boss" and they did the work. If he was going to the "Market", he would go out and sit in his Humber car and blow the horn until every one would come.

Slowly his children left home. Percy went to Devon, Wales and finally Canada. Walter went farming in Cornwall, two of his sons, David and George stayed and ran the farm until he passed on. Even the grandchildren where put to work on the farm when they where old enough.

On his 82nd birthday, the family held a party for him to which nearly 100 relatives and friends came.

Thomas passed away on Aug 17, 1957. His remains are interned in the same grave as his wife Emma at Burwardsley Church Cemetery. For many years he was Sunday School Superintendent of the Methodist Church at Burwardsley. He also held many public posts; he was on the Nantwich and Tarvin Rural Council, he was also a Burwardsley Parish Councilor, for 35 years from 1922, school manager, one time disburser of the Bunbury charities and a founding member of the Burwardsley Village Hall committee.

Family pictures:

1923 - Family portrait.

1946 - At his oldest grandchild's wedding

1946 - The wedding

1957 - Obituary

2002 - Thomas and Emma's gravestone.

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