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Q - I lost my Sr Accountant Installation Instructions?

A - Click here to see our Online Instructions, including advice for the Setup on a Network.

Q - How do I import data from other software systems, such as "Sr Accountant - Invoice System"?

A - Please read the Sr Accountant Manual for information about setting up a Source Code in the Source file, then read about how to "Import Data from another system" and if you are transferring the data from a remote computer read about the "Remote Transaction Functions".

Q - My Accountant has a different accounting system than my Sr Accountant, he insists I use his chart of accounts which is a different size than mine. How do I do that?

A- Sr Accountant is flexible enough to have a different size of G/L account and even S/L accounts, just visit the "Set Account FIELD SIZES" section in the Sr Accountant Manual.

Q - How do I install the print drivers for Version 5.1 of ZARCOM's software?

A - Click here and printout the following document, press the Back button to return here.

Q - How do I change the character code to get condensed printing?

A - Click here to read the instructions.

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