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 Sr Accountant tm      Source File Maintenance

SA:SFM01                                                             11:17:31 am
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¦ S O U R C E   F I L E   M A I N T E N A N C E ¦

¦ 1>    Add/Change the SOURCE file         ¦
¦ 2>    Change/Delete using BROWSE command ¦
¦ M>    Maintain REFERENCE and Document No.¦
¦ P>    Print/View the SOURCE file         ¦
¦ R>    Return to Master Menu              ¦

Allows you to Add/Change to the Source file


Press <8> on the Master menu, and <9> on the Utilities and Setup menu.


A unique Source code must be setup for each business event and
for each source of data you are entering or importing from an
external source. The source code information is stored in the

For example here are a sample of the kinds of sources of data (the source types are shown in the [..] brackets):

    AR - Invoices                          [RECEIVABLE]

    AP - Accounts Payables          [PAYABLE]

    CK - Bank Checks                  [BANKOUT]

    DS - Deposit Slips                   [BANKIN]

    JE - Journal Entries                  [JOURNAL]

    PC - Petty Cash Entries           [CASHOUT]

    RB - Receipts                         [CASHIN]

    WJ - Payroll Journal Entries    [JOURNAL]

 Each source type is related to the following Business Events ([..] keystokes from master menu):

    BANKIN         - Bank Deposits              [1.R.D]

    BANKOUT     - Bank Checks                [1.Q.Q]

    CASHIN         - Cash received               [1.R.E]

    CASHOUT     - Petty cash paid out        [1.Pe.E]

    JOURNAL      - Journal Entries              [3.1]

    PAYABLE       - Payables                      [1.Pa.E]

    RECEIVABLE - Invoices                       [1.I.E]

    CONTROL      - External Source           [3.3]
                               (used to Import data)

You are allowed more than one source code for each Business Event. You need to have unique source codes for each different foreign currency event.


Press <R> to return to the Utilities & Setup Menu.

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