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Sr Accountanttm  Remote Transcaction Functions

SA:RTF01                                                             10:54:56 am
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¦ R E M O T E  T R A N S A C T I O N  F U N C T I O N S ¦

¦ A> Add/Edit/Browse Transactions to REMOTE DATA file             ¦
¦ I> Import REMOTE DATA Transactions from another drive/directory ¦
¦ P> Print/Display REMOTE DATA Transactions on another drive      ¦
¦ S> Setup REMOTE DATA Entry files on another drive/directory     ¦
¦ R> Return to Master Menu                                        ¦

Allows you to Add/Edit/Browse transactions in a Remote data file (TRAN.dbf)


Press <3> from the Master menu, and <6>  on the Transaction Entry menu.


Remote data is entered into a Transaction (TRAN.dbf or TRANEX.dbf) file on a removable disk or a temporary directory on your Hard drive.

Each Reference in the remote data must be unqiue within a Source and must not have been used in a previous session.

When you Import the data to the Main Transaction file, the data will be validated for the above conditions and that the G/L account number is in the Master (MSTR.dbf) file and that all entries to any reference is balanced to zero.

If you are transfering the data over a modem, be sure to rename the transferred file at the source so that you do not transfer the same data again, altough you cannot import the same data again (see above). You could rename the TRAN.dbf or TRANEX.dbf to TR970915.dbf for example using the YrMoDy as the unique name. You would not be able to do the renaming again to the same day with this example.

If you are transferring a TRAN.dbf, remember to replace the TRAN.dbf and the TRAN.mdx file with a blank one. Or you can recreate the file using the "Correction & Conversion Feature" by press <8>,<C>,<P>, then choose 'TRANSACTION database files" and press <PgDn>.

See "Import Data from another system" for more information.


Press <Esc> to return to the Transaction Entry menu.

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