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Sr Accountant tm Overview - Standard Reports

Extracted from the old Printed Manual:


The reports provide comprehensive informationto accuratelytrack the accounting activity of the business. Reports produced by the system include:
TRANSACTIONSLISTING: A listing of transaction entries,which can be printed/displayed foraparticular source,aspecific month or all transactions. 

GENERALLEDGERREPORT: A listing of the balance forwards and all the transactions for a particular month or other period.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: Allows you to produce a Statement of Account, on plain paper or preprinted forms.

ACCOUNTSPAYABLE: Allows you to produce cheques forpayments, and when chequesare printed, automatically posts the cheques tothe transaction files.

SUB-LEDGERS & DEPARTMENTAL STATEMENTS: You can  use the system to report on various sub-ledgers such as Job Costing, Fixed Assets, Shareholders loans or produce Departmental Statements.


BALANCE SHEET: A report to reflect the financial status of yourbusiness. Can be run at anytime to whatever month you wish.

STATEMENTOF REVENUE & EXPENSES: Statements with comparisons for current period, year-to-date, budgets,last year andpercentage to sales or revenue. These statements are totally defined by you, using aneasy-to-use set-up procedure.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE AGING REPORT: Showing balances due and overdue amounts. Youincrease income potential by knowing at any time the valueof your accounts receivable and their status.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE AGING REPORT: Showing balances owing andlate payments. Thisgives youbetter control, byidentifyingimpending problems and obtaining quicker answers to your business activities.

AD-HOC REPORTS: Gives you the ability ofmaking a reportfrom any information in the various data bases. This gives you moreprofitable management by reviewinghistoric and current costs andactingonthem sooner.

BUDGET PROJECTIONS: Using the historic data to determine trends insales and costs, gives you better planning and more meaningful projections.

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