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March 05, 2005

Dear Valuable Customer:

We are please to announce the 1st Beta release of  PAYTIME for  Windows  2005.

If you have not downloaded the full version yet, please download the following files:

If you have already have the ZARCOM Data Engine, you can download the latest Update here. Just click on PAYTIME Update and download the latest beta version. This version is effective January 1, 2005, if you have any difficulty contact your PayTime System Provider for Help.

Thanks for your patience for this PAYTIME for Windows version; some of you have been waiting 10 years since I received my 1st copy of what is now dBASE Plus. I assure you I had been working on it since 1995, in that time I have taken an online course and a college course in Visual Basic Programing. As a result of the Visual Basic course I realized how advanced the dBASE Plus is, it has features that are not coming out in Microsoft's software until later this year or maybe 2006.

Brian Dodd