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BACKUP Data Files

We have included a batch file on the Installation or Update disk. ZSBACKUP.BAT is t file name .  To use this batch file you will need PKZIP.COM, a compression program made by PKWARE Inc. and to copy the ZSBACKUP.BAT to the each data directory where the PAYTIME data is.

To activate the batch file, you can run it from the DOS command level from the directory where the data is by typing:-


and press <Enter>. The other way to activate the Backup Routine, is to run PAYTIME and press <O> on the  MASTER MENU and press <B> on the UTILITIES MENU. The batch file is pre-set to use drive A:, you can use an editor like DOS's EDIT.COM or Window's NOTEPAD and change this to drive B: if you wish.

To obtain PKZIP, insert the INSTALLATION or UPDATE disk in your floopy drive and change to that drive then type:-


and press <Enter>. This will give you the address and telephone number of PKWARE Inc. Also you can use the INTERNET and contact PKWARE Inc. at and obtain a FREE evaluation copy.

If you have to restore the data, from DOS use PKUNZIP.COM; or from WINDOWS obtain PKZIP for WINDOWS from PKWARE Inc. or WINZIP from Nico Mak Computing, Inc. at, we find that WINZIP is easier to use to Restore data.

If you wish to create your own batch file to make it easy to back-up your data files from a hard drive system using MS(PC)-DOS, create the following Batch file (xxxx.BAT). Assuming you have the data on "C:" drive.

With the C> prompt showing type in the following:

     COPY CON: xxxx.BAT     and press <enter>
     ERASE TEMP*.*          and press <enter>
     COPY C:*.DBF A:        and press <enter>
     COPY C:*.DBT A:        and press <enter>
     COPY C:*.NDX A:        and press <enter>
     COPY C:*.MDX A:        and press <enter>
     ^Z                     and press <enter>
The computer will then create the file "xxxx.BAT" on the C: drive, where 'xxxx' is any name you wish (e.g. PTBU.BAT); the command to erase the TEMP*.* files will remove any unnecessary temporary files before your backup takes place (to save space on your backup disk).

To run this Batch file, place your Data Back-up diskette in drive A and type in:

     xxxx      and press <enter>
Where xxxx is the name of the Batch file you wish to create. See the instructions on in Section C.

The computer will proceed to back-up the .DBF, .DBT, .NDX and .MDX files. Only use this method if you know you have enough room on the diskette.

If you have to replace the data files on the C drive. Write-protect the data diskette by placing a tab over the notch. Place the data diskette in drive A and type in:

     COPY A:*.DBF C:    and press <enter>
     COPY A:*.DBT C:    and press <enter>
     COPY A:*.NDX C:    and press <enter>
     COPY A:*.MDX C:    and press <enter>
Once the copying is completed. Remove the tab and place the Data Backup in a safe place.


PAYTIME has the ability to transfer data to your accounting system (general ledger) . The data will be stored in a dBASE transfer file called TRANEX.dbf. You can use this file to transfer the data to your accounting system if the Accounting System has the ability to Import dBASE file data (e.g., Sr Accountant Business Accounting System). Be sure to delete the file or the data once the information is transferred, so that duplicate records are not transferred. See the DATABASE FILE DEFINITIONS for the format of the file. The is the same format as the PTRAN.dbf file.

To invoke this feature rename the files called and to PYACCT1A.DBO and PYACCT2A.DBO respectively. Change the Employer database to include your in the EMPLOYER INFORMATION file (see Section C-2).

Rename the PYACCT1A.SA and PYACCT2A.SA files by changing to the directory where the PAYTIME program files are kept and entering the following commands:

For those of you using the, you will use the Import Data from an external system feature.

For those of you with another Accounting system, you can write a custom dBASE IV (Version 1.5) or dBASE V program to transfer your accounting data any way you wish. This includes transferring the data to a Mini Computer or a Main Frame Computer. Contact ZARCOM Help tm or your local support person for more information on how to accomplish this.

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