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Payroll Employee file

Database Name: PREMPE.dbf

Field Name  Type  Lgth  Dec.  Indx  Description 
EMP_ID  12  Employee identification 
DEPT  Employee's normal department 
FNAME  15  Employee's first name 
INIT  Employee's second name initial 
SNAME  15  Employee's surname 
ADD  30 Street part of employee's address 
ADD2 C 30 N 2nd line of address
CTY  25  City of address 
PROV  20  Province of address 
COUNTRY C 3 N Country code
PC  Postal code 
TEL  12  Employee's telephone no. 
SIN  Employee's social insurance number 
POS  15  Position 
ECDE C 2 N Employment code
HPP  Employee's holiday pay percentage 
ROP  Employee's rate of pay 
UNIT  Employee's unit of pay 
DYH  Daily work hours 
MMADV  Mid Month Advance 
OSADV  Outstanding Advances 
EXM  Total Federal Tax Credit per TD1
TCEX L 1   Income Tax excemption per TD1
I1  Total Renumeration per TD1X 
EXP  Revised Expense Amount per TD1X
HD  Living in Prescribed Zone per TD1
K3  Other Federal Tax Credit 
TD3 N 7 2 N Tax deduction per TD3 Form
NR L 1 N Non-residents Indicator per TD1
NR90 L 1 N Non-residents 90% rule Indicator per 
F1  Child Care or Alimony Payments Deduction
F2 Alimony or Maintence to be deducted from Source (Pay Slip)
PY  Provincial "Y" factor. Ontario & Manitoba only.
CPPEX  C Canadian pension plan exemption 
UIEX  Unemployment insurance exemption 
MTB  Estimated monthly tax benefits 
MTBUIEX  Estimated monthly tax benefits no UI deduction 
MTBCPPX N 7 2 N Estimated monthly tax benefits
no CPP deduction 
PPNO  Registered pension plan no 
PPP  Pension plan percentage 
MPA1  Medical Deduction #1 
MPA2  Medical Deduction #2 
DPA  Dental Deduction 
OPA1  Other Deduction #1 
OPA2  Other Deduction #2 
RDA1  Recurring Debt Deduction #1 
RDB1  Recurring Debt Balance #1 
RDT1  Recurring Debt Total #1 
RDA2  Recurring Debt Deduction #2 
RDB2  Recurring Debt Balance #2 
RDT2  Recurring Debt Total #2 
UND  Union dues deduction 
UND2  7 Union dues deduction #2 
UNPER  Union dues deduction Period 
UNION  10  Union Code 
FDW  First day employee worked for employer 
SD  Seniority Date 
BD  Employee's birthday 
LDW  Last day worked 
RED  Rate of Pay Effective Date 
POE  Employee's province of employment 
TCP N 8 2 N Total Provincial  Tax Credit
per Provincial TD1xx
TCPEX L 1 N Provincial Income Tax excemption
per Provincial TD1xx
K3P N 8 2 N Other Provincial Tax Credit
CC  Number of Under 18 Dependents. Ontario only 
SRATE  Skill Rate 
YRT  Regular time earnings 
YOT  Overtime earnings 
YDT  Double time earnings 
YHRS  Total hours worked 
YCOM  Commission earnings 
YHP  Holiday pay paid 
YHPB  Holiday pay bank unpaid 
YDLH Date last holiday paid 
YOP  Other earnings 
YNT  Non taxable reimbursements 
YGROSS  Gross pay 
YINTAX  Income tax deducted 
YCPP  Canada Pension Plan deducted 
YQPP  Quebec Pension Plan deducted 
YCPPEX  C.P.P. exempt Earnings 
YQPPEX  Q.P.P. exempt Earnings 
YUI  Unemployment insurance deducted 
YUIE  Unemployment insurable earnings 
YUIW  Unemployment insurable weeks 
YPEN  Pension deductions 
YMP1  Medical #1 deducted 
YMP2  Medical #2 deducted 
YDP  Dental Plan deducted 
YUN  Union deducted 
YPQT  Quebec income tax deducted 
YOD1  Other Deductions #1 deducted 
YOD2  Other Deductions #2 deducted 
YMTCE N 9 2 N Maintenance Deducted
YOD  Other deductions 
YTB  10  Taxable benefits 
YTIPS N 10 2 N Tips
YWKS  Total employed weeks 
table continued
Field Name  Type  Lgth  Dec.  Indx  Description 
YHPHRS N 7 2 N Vacation Pay Hours
YSHHRS N 7 2 N Statuary Holiday Hours 
YSPHRS N 7 2 N Sick Pay Hours 
YLTHRS Lieu Hours [Only used with
Job Costing] 
AHP C 1 N Accumulated Holiday Pay code          
PTYPE  C 1 Pay Type (see HREMPE.dbf)

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