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Seward Family Trees on the Net
Updated on Jan 16, 2001
* The following information has been gleaned from the Internet, including the FamilyMaker's GenForum and the Genealogy World. The information may or may not be correct. Genealogists should make their own independent investigation of the facts. We have endeavored to give you the link to the source of the information (marked by an "{info}" box).
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Alberia SEWARD (1203-12??)
b: About 1203
m: Bartholomew SACKVILLE in Bures, Essex, England

Lieut. William Seward (1627-1689){info}{more}
b: About 1627 in Bristol, England; Father: Edward Seward.
m: Grace NORTON (b: 1632 in Deans, Bedfordshire, England; Father: Thomas Norton; Mother: Grace Wells) on Apr 02, 1651 in Guilford, New Haven, CT.
    c: Mary Seward, John Seward, Joseph Seward.
d: Mar 02, 1688/89 in Guilford, New Haven, CT.
John Seward(1653-1748)
b:: Feb 14, 1653/54 in Saybrook, Middlesex, CT.
m: Abigail BUSHNELL on Jun 25, 1679 in Guilford, New Haven, CT.
    c: Abigail, John,William, Hezekiah, Abigail, Daniel Seward, Deborah, Jedediah,
d: Dec 06, 1748 in Guilford, New Haven, CT.
Daniel Seward(1692-1753)
b: Apr 8, 1692 in Guilford, New Haven, CT.
m: Mehitabel BOREMAN, on Nov 20, 1712.
    c: Asher Seward, Asenath Seward {info}[b: Dec 20, 1731; m: Ezekiel Meigs; d. Feb 11, 1773],
        {other children}
d: died Oct 26, 1753 in Durham, Middlesex, CT.
Asher Seward(1726-1790)
b: Feb 14, 1726/27 in Guilford, New Haven, CT
m: Sarah JORDAN about 1762 in Guilford, New Haven, CT.
    c: Jedediah Seward; {other children}
d: After 1790 in White Creek, Washington, NY.
Jedediah Seward(1763-1830)
b: Mar 10, 1763 in Guilford, New Haven, CT.
m: (1) Martha SMITH about 1783 in Fort Ann, Washington, NY.
    c: William Hiram Seward, {other children}.
m: (2) Susanna Fillmore HODGKINS on Oct 13, 1814 in Fort Ann, Washington, NY.
d: Mar 10, 1830 in Salem, Washington, NY.
William Hiram Seward(1797-1874){info}
b: May 6, 1797 in Swanton, VT.
m: Phoebe JOHNSON [b: Apr 28, 1798 in Vt; d: about 1846] on Feb 11, 1816.
    c: Mary SewardPaty Martha Seward, {other children}.
m: Catherine CLINE; divoced;{other children}.
m: Nancy FETLEY about 1858.
    c: Hiram Seward Jr. [o: Freewill Baptist preacher; l: Missouri].
d: after Dec 13, 1874 in Fayette County, IA.
Mary Seward(1818-1893){info}
b: Mar 6, 1818 in Lysander, Onondaga, NY,  the 2th child of Hiram Seward.
m: (1) Charles Nicholas COUSINS on Jan 10, 1835 in Elyria, Lorain, OH.
          [Charles N Cousins -  b: 1813; Father: Joshua COUSINS (b: Apr 28, 1781 in Dorset, VT;
            m: Martha Patty SEWARD (Mar 9, 1788 in NY) on Apr 10, 1804 in Ferrisburg VT.)]
    c: {6 children}
m: (2) Henry P. Kellogg May 28, 1850 in Fulton, IL.
d: May 29, 1893 in Albia, Monroe, IA.
Paty Martha Seward {info}
b: Apr 12, 1834 probable in Lera, Ohio, the 9th child of Hiram Seward.
m: (1) Benjamin SHUMAN on Mar 04, 1854 in Fayette, IA.
m: (2) William Felix COBERLY on Sep 09, 1869 in Monroe, IA.

Obadiah Seward
b: 1645.
m: Dinah.
    c: Obadiah Seward, Joseph Seward, Abner Seward, Samuel Seward, Eliakim Seward.

Obadiah Seward (1702-1751){info}
b: 1702 in Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY; d: 1751 in Morris, NJ.
m: Isabelle LUSE in 1720.
    c: Eliakim, Susan, Obadiah, *Mehitable, John, *James, *Issac, Samual, Lydia, Daniel.
Col. John Seward (1730-1797)
b: May 22, 1730 in Black River, Morris County, NJ.; d: Dec 29, 1797.
m: Mary SWAYZE on Mar 22, 1751 in Roxbury, Morris County, NJ.
    c: Polly, *Obadiah, Nancy, Helia, *Elizabeth, Hester, *John, Samual Sweezey, Isreal.
Samuel Sweezey Seward (1768-1849)
b: Dec 5, 1768 on Merrits Island, NY.; Aug 24, 1849 at Florida, Orange County, NY.
m: Mary JENNINGS on Jun 2, 1792.
    c:  *Benjamin Jennings Seward, Elisabeth, *Edwin Polladore, William Henry Seward,
        *Louise Cornelia, *George Washington Seward.
Hon. William Henry Seward (1801-1872)
b: May 16, 1801 in Florida, Orange County, NY; d: Oct 10, 1872. in Auburn, NY.
m: Frances Adeline MILLER in Auburn, NY on October 20, 1824.
    c: Augustus Henry, Frederick William, Cornelia, William Henry Jr., Frances Adeline.
Brigadier-General William Henry Seward (1839-1920)
m: Janet McNeil Watson on Jun 27, 1860.
    c: William Henry III.
William Henry Seward III (1864-1951)

Thomas Seward {info}
m: Lucy.
l: Kent Co., Md. in 1667
d: 1688 in Kent Co., MD.
    c: Thomas Seward
Thomas Seward II (1684-1761) {info}
b: Nov 30, 1684 in Kent Co., MD.
m: (1) Susannah
m: (2) Rebecca
    c: 14 children by his two wives.
d: 1761 in Queen Anne's Co., MD.

William Seward{info}
l: Surrey County, VA. about 1703; Isle of Wight Co.
m: (1) Elizabeth CAUFIELD {info}[Father: Lt. Col. William Caufield; Mother: Dorcas]
    c: Elizabeth Seward.
m: (2) Ann [m: (1) Christopher Clinch].
    c: Benjamin Seward.
Elizabeth Seward {info}
m: William HOLT in the Lawns Creek Parrish, Surrey Co., VA.
    c: William Holt (b: 1692); Charles Holt (b: 1694); Mary (b: 1696); Anne (b: 1698);
        Sarah (b: 1700); Thomas Holt (1701-1788).
Benjamin Seward
m: Charity.
    c: Joseph Seward.
Joseph SEWARD (1760-1833 ){info}
b: 1760; d: Aug, 1833 in Brunswick Co., VA.
m: (1) Susannah PHILLIPS [b: abt 1754; d: 1823 in Brunswick Co., VA] on Sep 12, 1782.
    c: Samuel Seward.
m: (2) Martha KING.
Samuel SEWARD 
b: 1785 in Brunswick Co., VA; d: ____ in Eads, Shelby Co., TN
m: Tabitha LANIER [b: 1788; d: ____]
    c: Phillip Massenberg Seward.
Phillip Massenberg SEWARD I (1809-1869)
b: 1809 in Brunswick Co., VA; d: between 1851-69 in Shelby Co., TN?
m: Nancy Dudley MYERS [b: 1825 in Knox Co., TN?; d: 1870 in Arkansas].
    c: Phillip Massenburg Seward II.
Phillip Massenburg SEWARD II (1848-1925)
b: Oct 20, 1848 in Eads, TN; d: Oct 5, 1925 in Judsonia, AR.
m: Annie Florence PECTOL [b: Jun 16, 1863, Illinois;
                                                    d: May 10, 1903 in Cord, Independence, AR].
    c: Samuel Newton Seward.
Samuel Newton SEWARD(1885-1962)
b: Mar 12, 1885 in Taylor, Columbia, AR; d: July 25, 1962 in Texarkana, Miller, AR.
m: Forest Almer HATCHER [b: July 23, 1901 in Rosston, Nevada, AR;
                                                d: Sep 19, 1992 in Genoa Township, Texarkana, Miller, AR].
    c: Doyle Preston Seward.
Doyle Preston SEWARD
m: Lorena.
    c: Adam Seward.
Adam SEWARD {info}

Obadiah Seward(1765-1814){info}
b: about 1765 in NJ; d: 1812 or 1814 in .io.
    [Mother: Alcey GENTRY, [b: 1765; Father: James Gentry; Mother: Sarah Claibourne; d:1843];
        c: Samuel Seward Sr.
Samuel Seward
    c: Samuel Seward, Jr.

John Seward{info}
b: about 1794 in NJ (or PA)
s: veteran of the war of 1812 (he lost the use of his arm).
o: schoolteacher in Pontoosuc, IL during Civil War.
m: (1) Elizabeth SMITH.
m: (2) Polly Davis PATE.
    c: Charles (Perry) Seward, Mary Ann [m: John LAUGHLIN], Elizabeth [m: STOOPS]

Obediah Seward{info}
m: Polly SPARKS
    c:  Joseph Irving Seward, Francis C. Seward.
Joseph Irving Seward 
b: 1815 in SC; d: 1902. {info}
    c: Wesley Seward, Benton Seward, Freeman H Seward, Lorenzo Seward,
        Alonzo Seward, Sarah, Ida, John Seward, Margret.
Freeman H Seward
b: 1852.
    c: William Irving Seward
William Irving Seward
l: in Indiana.
    c: William H Seward
William H Seward
l: Sullivan Co., Indiana.
    c: Pauline Seward

Samuel Seward {info}
m: Sarah (Mary) DIXON; d: before 1786.
l: Albemarle Parish
    c: Tabitha (b: Nov 23, 1763), Susannah Epps, Mary Seaward,
        Polly Dixon Seward {info}[b: May 2, 1774;  m: Hines HOLT; d: Jan 15, 1849;
                                                  i: Linwood Cemetery, Columbus, Muscogee Co., GA].

Orin Seward(1788-1836) {info}
b:1788 in Chenango NY.
m: Mehetable LIVERMORE in 1808.
d: 1836 in IL.

Jedediah Seward{info}{more}
b: about 1800
m: Susan HEWITT.
l: Middletown, Vermont area.
    c: Ephriam Hewitt, Lura Ann, Matilda, Margaret, Betsy.
Ephriam Hewitt Seward(1823-1896)
b:  Sep 15, 1823 in Middletown,Vermont;  d. Jul 20, 1896 in Marengo Co, Illinois.
m: Maria Louise ROGERS [b: Jan 1, 1828 in Middletown, Vermont]
    c: Emma, Arabella, Frank, Henry, Charles, George, Ephriam, Grace.

Calvin Seward (1812-1881) {info}
b: Sep 23,1812; d: May 13, 1881 in New Lenox, Will Co. IL.
m: Sarah M. Van Deusen [b: Mar 22, 1815 in Cherry Valley, Otsego, N.Y.; d: Jul 22, 1898 in Argentine,Kansas].
    c: Charles Irving (b: 1841), Andrew Jesse (b: 1843), Nancy Emeline (b: 1848),
        Gilbert Van Deusen Seward (b: 1850), Lucinda Jane (b: 1852),
        Margaret Ella (b: 1855), Sarah Maria (b: 1857)

Claiborn Seward {info}
m: Elizabeth McCLELLAN on Jul 11, 1833 in Limestone Co., Alabama.
    c: Martha J. [m: Green B. SAWYER in 1853 Itawamba Co MS],
        Mary E. [ m: John A. J. PARSON in 1854 Itawamba Co MS],
        Daphne [b: 1839 Limestone Co. AL],
        Andrew Monroe Seward
                   [b: 1840;  m: Faithy Ann E. BROWN 1865 in Hempstead Co. AR],
        Charles Mathew [b: 1842;  m: Ennetta E. COX 1865 in Itawamba Co Ms.],
        Sarah A. [b: 1845; m: C Turner SMITH in 1874 Sebastain Co., AR],
        Claborn W. [b: 1848 Itawamba Co MS],
        James Samuel [b: 1850-4; m: (1) Greenlee, (2) Sarah E. RICHARDS].

James R. Seward(1826-1905){info}{more}
b: 1826 in Madison or Limestone Co., AL.
m: Mary Anne HERRIN [Mother: Martha] about 1857.
l: Madison Co., AL (1870); Williamson Co., TX (1880); Coryell Co.(1890);
o: Keeper of Toll Gate; Circuit Riding Methodist Preacher.
d: about 1905 in Georgetown, TX.
i: New Enegery Cementry east of Crocket in Houston Co., TX.

William H Seward {info}{more}
b: 1837 in Dayton, Ohio.
m: Sarah A PIERCE [b: 1837 in NC; d: 1917].
l: Allen, Kansas 1870-1900; Oakwood, Oklahoma 1910-1920.
d: 1919.

Edgar Seward {info}
b: about 1840
m: Elizabeth DERRY [b: 1843 in Milan,OH; l: Lisbon,IN as a child] before 1868
    c: Ivy Seward.
Ivy Seward
b: 1868; m: Robert M. ALLEN.

William C. (Wiley) Seward (1864-1919) {info}
b : Jun 6, 1864 (or 1868) in either Georgia or Alabama.
m: Ophelia AUTREY.
l: Coryell Co., Gatesville, TX
    c: Wiley Elisha Seward.
d: Oct. 21, 1919; i: Friendship Cemetary.

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