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PROUDLOVE, Joseph (1878-1957)

He was born on May 30, 1878 at Astbury, Cheshire, England to John Thomas and Elizabeth Proudlove.

He lived at "Betchton", Astbury until he was 8 years old. The family moved to "Oak Farm", Broxton in 1886, along with the cattle, pigs and everything on the train. After he was married in March, 1902 to Elizabeth Johnson, they farmed at Hampton Heath. Reg and John were born there. They then moved to "Blakelow", Hilderstone, Staffordshire in 1904, where the family grew with the addition of Connie, Tom, Bert, Joe and Philip.
At the start of the Great War, in 1914 upon the retirement of his father John Thomas Proudlove, the family moved back to "Oak Farm", Broxton.  Here the rest of the family where born, namely Bessie, Eva, Ruth, Dorothy and Jim. They stayed here until their retirement in 1951. Theirs sons John, Bert and Jim took over the farm.

They moved to the "Vine House" in Brown Knowl, just over the hill from "Oak Farm". They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on March 17, 1952. The family bought them a new fangled invention, namely a television.

Joseph passed away on March 21st, 1957. After one of the most moving funeral services, his remains are interned at Brown Knowl Cemetery. For many years he was Society Steward of the Methodist Church at Brown Knowl

"Peace, Perfect Peace"

Family pictures:

1921 - Family portrait.

1923 - Family portrait.

1932 - "Oak Farm".

1949 - Loading the milk churns.

1952 - Joseph and Lissie with the new TV.

1957 - Obituary.

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