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JOHNSON, Elisabeth (1883-1968)

Elisabeth was born to John and Margaret Johnson on July 5, 1883. Her mother was 46 years old when she was born. She was the youngest of three sisters and one brother.

Her father John Johnson was killed as he was thrown from his "trap" as the wheel hit a tree root in 1897, when she was 14 years old.

Her mother had been born Margaret Woolhams in 1837, she was 25 years old when she had her first child and 46 when she had her youngest child. Margaret was 60 years old when she became a widow, and died in 1914 at 77 years old.


Her oldest sister was Clara, who was born around 1863. Clara married John LLOYD and had four children; Jessie, John (Jack) (who went to live in Canada), James (Jim) and Mabel. Clara died on November 3, 1955 at the age of 92.

Her second oldest sister was Ruth, (I do not know her birthday). She first married Albert JACKSON, they had a little girl called Ethel. Then Ruth married William BUCKLEY and had four more children Eric, Doris, Reg, Dennis. Ruth died at the age of 80 years of age.

Her youngest sister, although older than her was Mary (Polly). Polly married John BENSON. They had six children, five boys and one girl, Robert, Harold, Cyril, Maude, Wilfred, Frank. Polly died at the ripe old age of 97 years old.

The girls only brother was Robert, who was born around 1879. Just after his father was killed, Robert went to Africa. He told this story to his niece Bessie "When I was there,  I had a black boy working for me. One day I shot a large snake. I then skinned it, filled it with sand and put it under the boy's bed. When the boy saw it he ran out of his room screaming. The boy quit working for me, and know matter how I much I pleaded with him he would not come back to work for me". Upon returning to England, Robert married Maggie and they had three children Arthur, Phylis (died in 1997) and Gwen. Robert passed away just short of his century in 1979 at the grand age of 99 years old.


In March 1902 she married Joesph PROUDLOVE. They went to farm at Hampton Heath [map], Cheshire, had twelve children and finished farming at "Oak Farm", Broxton. After retiring to the "Vine House" in Brown Knowl [map], and 56 years of marriage, Joseph passed away on March 21st, 1957.


Reg (1902) and John (1904) where born at Hampton Heath. After moving to "Blakelow", Hilderstone [map], Staffordshire in 1904, where the family grew with the addition of Connie (1905), Tom (1908), Bert (1909), Joe (1910) and Philip (1912). Then with the retirement of her father-in-law, the family move to "Oak Farm", Broxton.  Here the rest of the family where born, namely Bessie (1915), Eva (1916), Ruth (1918), Dorothy (1923) and Jim (1925).


On December 6, 1968, Elisabeth passed away at the age of 85 year old. Her furneral was held on Thursday. All her children, except Bessie (who lives in Canada), her brother Robert and sister Polly and many other relatives and friends came to the funeral at Brown Knowl Chapel. She is interned with her husband Joesph in the cementry at the same Brown Knowl Methodist Church, Cheshire, England.

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