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DODD Manor - the PLAY ROOM

Revised Sep 06, 2005

We have collected some neat toys and thing for the children to do in our play room. This fun site will grow as more children visit.

A&E just released their list of the TOP TEN toys of all time. You may agree or not. The list seems to be heavy weighted to U.S. toys.
YOYO This toy was invented over 2500 years ago.
CRAYOLA Was invented in the early 20th Century
BARBIE She has been around for 40 years.
LIONEL TRAINS What boy did not have or wanted a train set
PLAY-DOH Mother said "Do not get it on the carpet"
ERECTOR SET In England know as 'MECCANO'. How many Engineers started this way.
FRISBEE If you are stuck for one, use a Pie Plate. Come to think of it,  you can use your Frisbee as a plate.
LINCOLN LOGS I have never heard of these. They are real logs and have windows and doors etc., to build with. Today the kids uses LEGO.
SLINKY This was invented by a Navy Engineer by accident.
HOT WHEELS Boys have been whizzing these around for over 40 years. The forerunners of these where DINKY toys and the MATCHBOX toys.

GI JOE got an honorable mention. Some obvious toys missing are: LEGO, TEDDY BEARS (and all other fluffy toys), THE RADIO FLYER (little red wagon),  WORK MACHINERY TOYS (such as Tonka Toys, Tyco and the Farm machinery made for centuries), TOY SOLDIERS and the HOOP (such as the HULA HOOP and from the nineteenth century, the HOOP and STICK), if you have any more just drop me an email in my mail box.

    To keep up to date, we must include Pokémon for the boys.
    And, the girls are into Beanie Babies --- or --- is that the mothers and grandmothers.
    What would a play room be like without some comic books. Take a look at the Dilbert Zone or Snoopy and the Dog house with the rest of the Peanut gang. For you older readers try Dan DARE the Pilot of the Future from the 50s.
For the boys who like to collect Diecast toys, get Grandpa to go to these two places, and Diecast Zone.
You can go outside and play on this Welsh farm, well it seems we lost the Welsh farm so my Granddaughter & I made our own.
If you get tired of playing, go visit Mickey Mouse in Disneyland.
s if you would like a Doll House, get your Dad to build you one. Then get your grandparents to buy you the furniture from  The DOLL HOUSE Furnishings Store or visit Hobby World's Doll House Furniture department in Montreal or take you to Windsor Castle to see Queen Mary's Doll House. Of course what would a doll house be without a doll.
You can go to the Games Domain in England and get yourself some computer games.
Well our old 3-D links all disappeared, but we have found some more. Try the rotating ball (just jiggle your mouse on the ball),  .
Sadly we have lost the link to our interactive stories. I will look for some more.
Not to leave the boys out of the fun, go look or hear  these STAR WARS sites or visit Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, Captain Sisko or Captain Janeway from STAR TREK.
Well my Granddaughter went to TOY STORY 2 and she really loved it, so buy here some of the toys from Christmas.