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Updated Feb 21, 2003
Married:  Emma [b: 1823 at Tiverton]
Occupation: Dock Official;
Lived:  Nimrod Street, Walton, Liverpool, Lancashire.


George Warbrooke - b: 1853 at Liverpool; m: Catherine [b: 1851 at Calveley; l: Calveley [map], near Nantwich; o: ;
                                   c: John S (b: 1874 in Calveley; m: Jemima {b 1877 in Liverpool}, c: Winifred {b: 1900 in Liverpool},
                                       Emmalina (b: 1876 in Liverpool), James H (b: 1878 in Liverpool), Martha L (b: 1880 in Liverpool).

John Warbrooke - b: 1858 at Liverpool; m Ellen [b 1858 at Maghull],
                              c: Robert (b: 1887 in Liverpool), Ellen (b: 1889 in Liverpool), John (b: 1891 in Liverpool),
                                  Jane (b: 1891 in Liverpool), Margaret (b: 1896 in Liverpool), Jemima (b: 1897 Liverpool),
                                  George (b: 1900 in Liverpool).

Jane Warbrooke - b: 1861; was unmarried .

James Warbrooke - b: 1863; {see belove}.

Robert Warbrooke - b: 1870 in Liverpool; m Margaret [b: 1880 in Whitehaven, Cumbria]
     c Marion (b: 1900 in Liverpool ).

WABROOKE, James (1863 - 19__)
Born: ____, 1863 in Liverpool. Father: John Warbrooke
Married:  Annie DODD [b: Dec 13, 1865 in Stoke [Map] near Natwich] on Oct 27, 1888 at "Liverpool Registry",[Map], Lancashire;
Occupation: ;
Lived: Liverpool, Lancashire (now Merseyside).


James Warbrooke - b: 1889 in Liverpool, Lancashire.

Bessie Warbrooke - b: 1894 in Liverpool, Lancashire

Lilian Warbrooke - b: 1897 in Liverpool, Lancashire

Henry Warbrooke - b: 1900 in Liverpool, Lancashire

Fanny Warbrooke - b: 1900 in Liverpool, Lancashire

Thomas Dodd Warbrooke - b: 1904 in Liverpool, Lancashire.

[This information all comes from censuses and is not backed up with any other references yet. There are also 7 other children born after 1901 but I dont know which families they belong to. - J.Lord]

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